The end ……. is your beginning

Scripture Reading: John 21st Chapter

The Lord never leaves us nor forsakes us. Jesus loved all his disciples but Simon Peter denied Jesus three times. He rejected the Lord and backed out saying he was not part of Jesus. He loved the Lord but still denied him. Why? Peter let his emotions take control over his life. He was engulfed with fear as to what might happen to his life. He was also filled with guilt because he denied his master, his Lord who had loved him dearly. Peter thought that everything was over and it was the end. So he went back to his fishing job. After Jesus’ resurrection he revealed himself thrice to the disciples. When Jesus had breakfast with his disciples he asked Peter thrice if he loved him and Peter was grieved because Jesus had asked him three times and told him to feed his sheep. Though Peter went through a crucial point in his life, he had to come out of that ordeal to another level of commitment. It was not his end but he had to come to a new beginning. 

Life is not all good sometimes. We come to a point in our lives with the same notion as Peter that everything is over. We do not seek God or go to his house. We just go on about our work. Work is important but the word of God says to keep him first in our lives. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you.” Do you keep God first in your lives? What is it that God wants you to do above all your feelings and emotions? We are all sinners. We need to repent and confess our sins and through the shed blood of Jesus Christ we have redemption. We are bought with a price. God remembers our sins no more. So do not feel guilty. The Lord wants to fellowship with you and perform miracles in your lives. The Lord brought back Peter and said that it was not his end and told him to feed his sheep which was his beginning. And Peter was filled with the power of the Holy Ghost. There are mishaps in life but it’s not the end… it’s just your beginning. Therefore pick yourselves up and be filled with the Spirit of the Holy Ghost through which you’ll find your new beginning.